“Developed” Curriculum waiting for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

“Developed” Curriculum waiting for Syrian Refugees in Jordanimage

07 Aug 2015

The Ministry of Education of Jordan and the Norwegian Refugee Council NRC began developing a special education program targeting children out of school regardless of their nationality.

The agency quoted a press statement issued by the “NRC”, UNICEF partner in Jordan since 2012, stating that “accelerated educational program” will be ready by the academic year 2016-2017.

The statement quoted the Jordanian Minister of Education statement that the priority of his ministry is to create a framework that allows for all students who have dropped out of school for a certain period to return to school and re-integrate them into the educational system.

The agency said that accelerated education program for children defines basic education output and provides a model templates to ensure the “smooth implementation”, and so can children between the ages of 9 and 12 years old, who have dropped out for a year or more, to catch up with their peers through their access to opportunity.

Laura Marshall said, director of the education program at the Norwegian Refugee Council, the program preparation stems from the large number of children who have dropped out great and their impact on society, she added “If you think about all these children and their future, what is the shape of their future if they did not go to school? How can we guarantee to them or to their communities or the future of their country if we cannot give them a present?”

Norwegian Refugee Council has embraced more than 4,600 Syrian refugees children in educational centers, of whom graduated in 1550 and enrolled in public schools.

The announcement came after a statement by the Deputy Minister of Education of Jordan, Monday, 3 August, he considered that Jordan no longer has the ability to accept any new students in government schools, whether Syrians or from UNRWA schools, saying that the Kingdom showed a humanitarian great work on behalf of the international community in dealing with Syrian asylum crisis and should not be left to deal with this problem alone.

The deputy minister said Jordanian schools have 130 thousand Syrian student in Jordan, in addition to 120 thousand Palestinian students in UNRWA schools, while UNICEF estimates that more than 90 thousand children of Syrian refugees in Jordan are currently out of school, nearly 30% of them never get any form of formal education.