Dino Ahmed Ali opens virtual Syrian prison in Paris

Dino Ahmed Ali opens virtual Syrian prison in Parisimage

05 May 2015

Dino Ahmed Ali, Syrian artist, inspired from the experience of Syrian detainee, in his exhibition taking place at the Gallery “European” in Paris, the exhibition’s basis in the small gallery is to mimic prison, prison deception, black lines drawn that make visitor feel himself behind bars, the process only complete when the receiver see his picture on the screen then he will realise, he is in prison.

But the show will feature other paintings printed like “dreamy shout,” “introverted”, “tunnel”, “isolation”, “prison individual”, and other, addresses tells it does not depart from the compositional basic work , as the artist tells “Al Qods Al Arabi” he wants to tell through those publications biography structural work / detainee “I wanted to say what Drove me here, where it appears that the installation is the goal of the experiment, but I could not dispense with these paintings.” Thus the artist believes that the structural work is the development of the painting “individual detainee.”

Also, Dino, this is the Kurdish name of the artist, worried about how people will receive the work “I wanted to test how this work will affect the recipient, because I want my work to affect recipient, no matter what his identity, I was careful not to include Syrian symbols”.

So far it does not seem that the artist is targeting Syrian audition, even when he is thinking about the Syrian victims, their homes destroyed, for example, he thinks of repeating this structural work over a ruined house, or even to rebuild a damaged wall to do a similar experience to recall to dead people who were living there. It seems that the artist, committed to the deepness of his people’s revolution, as he committed himself to express about it by the political poster.

Nevertheless, his work also involves a visual experimentation, which employs an optical illusion techniques, and this is a part of his research as a PH.D student in Paris, in service ideas and philosophical questions relating to freedom and prison, and how to be a prisoner languishing among the millions of walls more freedom, as can be organized and planned demonstrations outside the prison, as Dino Knew former Syrian detainees, and how “free” outside the prison are more bondage.

Optical illusion then is not just free fun, due to his commitment to the Syrian revolution. He did not want to waste time in a deceptive distraction images, but instead he wanted to employ the trick, illusion, and play in order to prove the real things happening far away from here “I test through tricks how I can transfer a truth but from a certain view. I try to create another fact for the audition”.

But it seems that the artist work went a little beyond the printed painting and structural work, more to the direction of the performing arts, and perhaps he is approaching to the theatre. He himself seemed surprised by the reaction of visitors to the exhibition / prison, how individual visitor reacts, how a group reacts, how others played and danced inside into virtual prison, how Syrians, main in concern, felt fear. While others had desire to play and laugh. But more than that, this performance was on a Web page through the artist page allocated for the event. Thus, there were audience inside the hall, and another virtual audience, contributes by comments and giving feedback.