Don’t recruit the minors campaign

Don’t recruit the minors campaignimage

27 Apr 2015

The free Syrian Lawyers Association with The Democratic Women’s Network launched the event , within the armed groups in Syria, in the city of Qamishli, northeast Syri, Sunday. The campaign, demands civilian international and local organizations, including, human rights to stop this phenomenon. Abdul Hamid Temo, board member in The free Syrian Lawyers Association said «The problem of recruitment of children, whether they are males or females minors, have become a common phenomenon in all Syria, and more targeted to children by non-state armed groups, both the Free Syrian Army, or ISIS, or “Jabhet Al-Nusra” or even people’s Protection Units , and became a very big problem, contributed to the destruction of an entire generation ». He pointed out that “The Free Syrian Lawyers Association” launched a campaign for these reasons, aiming to clarify the risks of underage recruitment, and for the prevention of this topic for the protection of the generation that will affect the composition of Syrian society in general». Temo also added «The organizations concerned with matters of human rights, and children’s affairs, are following this topic, unfortunately, human rights organizations working on the ground in Syria have been evading the subject, while the international organizations monitoring the issue closely, so we communicated with those organizations, and we provided all the documents and names for the kidnapped, both males or females. » Meriam shemdin, supervisor of public relations at the Democratic Women’s Network said “Trying to face the subject of recruiting underage, we launched a campaign not to recruit underage, in participation with The Free Lawyers Association, to reintegrate these minors “males and females”, and rehabilite them in the community to create the right atmosphere for them, or put pressure on decision makers to reduce this phenomenon. » Narin Mateni, president of the Democratic Women’s Network, explained, «The campaign aims to confront armed groups», calling for «all legal and civic organizations, women’s organizations to participate in this campaign, to confront armed groups that signed the Geneva agreement, which provides the prevention of recruitment of minors and. » Riad Badran Ahmed who has a degree in political science, «The issue of recruitment have many negative effects on society, and contribute to the disintegration of the ignorance and the destruction of an entire generation, and we hope the international community organizations to adhere to the spirit of responsibility, and to commit more of their obligation and responsibilities, and stand against these phenomena and situations in our society now. » UN accuses the parties to the conflict in Syria, reports of recruitment and use of minors “males and females” in the constituency in the country since the war of 2011, whether they were used in military operations, or in the sectors of logistics related to the war.