Educate a Girl Educate a Nation. Support Dima’s Education.

Educate a Girl Educate a Nation. Support Dima’s Education.image

27 Sep 2015

In Syria, education is one of the sectors that most affected by the humanitarian crisis in terms of the destruction of the schools, the collapse of the educational system. What is more, the poor social and economic conditions that the teachers and students are facing on a daily basis. Many Syrian students have not been to school for more than four years and instead they work to help their families to survive. Many students cannot go to school as they have to provide for their families needs to eat so they work instead and drop out of school. Many Syrian children who are out of school, their childhood are lost by years of conflict, discrimination, and displacement. The school enrolment rates have fallen due to the schools have been damaged, destroyed or occupied by displaced families or used for military purposes. 

Many students who have been out of school are considered part of the lost generation that left school since nearly the beginning of the uprising. For all of these reasons, there was an urgent need to establish many educational institutions to rescue the Syrian students and returning them to schools. Anamel School is one of these educational institutions that offered these opportunities to the students over the last year. “Dima” is one of the first female students who joined the school from September last year. She was awarded the highest grade in her third secondary literary class and was honoured for all her hard work that encouraged other students in her class. Dima’s father died four years ago, and she lives with her mother and sister Rima. Rima is suffering from kidney failures, which need kidney dialysis on a weekly basis. These medical dialyses require significant costs of money.

Dima’s achievement in school has encouraged her sister Rima to join the summer courses summer in Anamel School. The school offers these courses as preparation for the new school year to enrol in for high school diploma. Rima has dropped out of school as long as three years, so she was very pleased to have the opportunity to return to school despite her sever illness. Rima’s aspiration to be like her sister Dima has encouraged her to join the school. Dima is a student that loves science and eager to succeed the highest grades in the school to allow her to help her family to improve their financial situation. Dima is thinking of donating one of her kidneys to her sister. Unfortunately, Rima’s health situation has deteriorated massively due to inability to receive full treatment. Rima’s health has deteriorated before the final exam. Rima entered a full coma just three days before Dima’s exam.

Dima’s family could not do anything as there are no specialised hospitals in the area, and there was no any possibility for them to move outside the country. This situation has left a significant impact on Dima’s preparation for the exam as she stayed beside her sister all the time. On the night of the first exam, Rima died and left Dima suffering from losing a close member of her family and lost all her dreams. Dima could not go the exam, therefore, did not complete her high school diploma. Some teachers from Anamel School visited Dima in her house, and she was crying for her losing her sister and her chance to continue her education.