Emergency call for $30 million to help Al Yarmouk camp

Emergency call for $30 million to help Al Yarmouk campimage

21 Apr 2015

An emergency call to help Palestinian refugees in the embattled Yarmouk camp in the Syrian capital, after a long time of shelling and bombing. The U.N. Security Council is calling for $30 million, and for unhindered humanitarian access and protection of civilians inside the U.N. camp, now mainly controlled by Islamic State militants following heavy fighting this month. Several thousand Palestinians remain in Yarmouk and the humanitarian situation, “remains very extreme in terms of circumstances and hardship.” As Pierre Krahenbuhl head of the U.N. agency that supports Palestinians (known as UNRWA) had said. He also mentioned that only $77 million of $415 million appeal has been funded, nevertheless he also called for $30 million for Yarmouk as well as funds for UNRWA