Evacuation and raid Syrians refugee camps in Lebanon

Evacuation and raid Syrians refugee camps in Lebanonimage

11 May 2015

Syrian refugees were told in Lebanon, on Saturday, the decision to leave their tents, which located near the gas pipelines and oil pump line that crosses the Sahl Akkar of the Lebanese-Syrian border in the north down to the Tripoli oil facilities in Beddawi.

Refugees who had gathered to protest against the decision, they said, they were told verbally by representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) “it’s necessary to transfer their tents within month maximum”.

They pointing out that «not proposed alternatives for their stay, and they are not able to rent a piece of land to erect their tents where, knowing that they are about the approximately 50 families, residing 4 years ago in these tents».

In the same hand, according to the official Lebanese media agency, the forces of the Lebanese army, raid refugee camps in the Beera town of Akkar, and arrested number of people and asked for removal a number of tents, while activists said that the Lebanese army is already start remove some tents.

Commenting on the campaign remove the tents, Mohamad Hossein, media activist, said to ARA News «Recent raids campaign in Akkar camps was caused by what I received information is the set of weapons hidden for some people, then the special forces were able to arrest them, but why other innocent refugees should stay without tents and become homeless».

Hosseini added that «many stories like the last camp story in Akkar, which will be abolished because of its proximity to the oil pipeline, but the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) plans are slow, which is waiting refugees to sleep in the street».

Saying «There are several camps and complexes of refugees threatened with removal, and evacuation in the near future, the UN should clarify its plans for the homeless remaining, otherwise there will be a new humanitarian catastrophe».

Form his part, Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas announced that «the ministry in the process of re-survey of the number of displaced people in order to know the course of action taken at this level».

It is what he had said earlier in a television interview when he talked about special «Data» for Lebanese government which is different from a «Data» of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), from which to gather information about the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.