An Exhibition documents the lives of Syrian refugees in Egypt

An Exhibition documents the lives of Syrian refugees in Egyptimage

18 Jun 2015

Dozens of photographs documented the journey of refugees since their displacement from their homes after armed conflicts or, until stabilized their place in Egypt, within a photo exhibition organized by High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations at the headquarters of the Library of Alexandria.


Introduction of refugees came in record images of their living conditions, the people of Syrian and Sudanese people, where they came to Egypt to monitor and record their data with the UNHCR office in the capital Cairo for receiving the necessary support which includes Medical, educational and physical levels and material.


The total number of refugees blogger officially with UNHCR in Egypt, reach more than 185 thousand people representing different nationalities, 134 thousand Syrians and 25 thousand Sudanese.


The photos in the exhibition show the Sudanese refugee’s educational journey in “Coco Kaka” special school in Nasr city in Cairo which was funded by UNHCR providing educational services from kindergarten to secondary classes and other stages which were keen on teaching English language to provide the students with qualify skills for admission to good jobs in Salloum camp on the Egyptian border with Libya which was the only camp that existed in Egypt and was closed on October 2014.


 The photos had reflected the positive aspects in the keenness of the Syrian community refugee on different professions and the mother’s interest to teach their children reading and writing skills, recite the Koran, and poetry.