Exhibition “The Art of Zaatari 2”..The suffering refugees by creativity of youth

Exhibition “The Art of Zaatari 2”..The suffering refugees by creativity of youthimage

22 May 2015

Syrian art that buried the desert sands and the flames of war, and who lit the vigor, determination and the insistence of a number of young Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp in a try to keep their culture.

“The Art of Zaatari 2” exhibition includes several forms of graphic arts, tragic and visual, in addition to various designs for several Arabic fonts, fountain of youth artists trying through it to draw the Syrian civilization and the suffering of the Syrian people.

Forty-five panel talented painters from between the sands of Zaatari transferred in several arts the reality of Syrian youth, their culture and their creativity to show the pain and suffer that they live.

The Artist Mohammed Joukdar, one of the participants in the exhibition, spoke for “the Syrian Commission for Media” about the Renaissance and its importance among the arts, he expressed his pride in participating, and pointing out that it made him an artist with more power through the translation what he saw of pain and suffering of the refugees from his brush to boards.

And about previous experiences Joukdar added “I participated in a lot of exhibitions that were held before the revolution, including the Damascus International Fair in 2010 and Cultural Center governorate of Daraa”.

For his part, the General Coordinator of the team fountain of youth “Abdu Hussein,” expressed his joy for this second participation of the team outside the walls of Zaatari refugee camp after the first exhibition held in 2014, which was a great success for youth talented Syrians, Pointing out that the artists were able during two exhibitions to deliver what messages they want to the whole world that the Syrian are not numbers written in the records of organizations or bodies die between beads desert Zaatari refugee camp or under a tent, but they are completely an ambitious creative youth, they do not succumb to despair easily, they are the memory of homeland, the spirit of the nation which would be a nice home with their own hands.

Hussein also pointed to the upcoming preparations for an exhibition of the visual art, which will feature a wide range of Syrian artists from outside the camps and from within, and group of Jordanian artists will also participate in this work, he wishing all the Syrian opposition shades to pay more attention to the young people of Syria and their creativity and help them.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition includes many paintings for the suffering of children, in order to deliver a message to the whole world for that suffering, especially to get away from school and Yards science and what happened to them.