Exiles in Sweden are reaching out to the displaced in Syria

Exiles in Sweden are reaching out to the displaced in Syriaimage

28 Jul 2015

The project started this year with as a result of concerted efforts from Syrian expatriates, according to Huzaifa, a member of the group.

Huzaifa sees in the Assembly “quantum leap” in the relief work, being based on the approach “integrative and developmental” projects based on the proceeds went to be self-financing and the backbone of its economy; explaining that the work is varied on three sides.

The first aspect is “economic charity” as Huzaifa called it, and is still concentrated in the countryside of Damascus, but its staff distributed in various areas of Syria; studying the spread of the displaced and their expertise, in order to design a small development projects, and artificial work centers employ their expertise and help them improve their standards of living and reduce widespread unemployment in areas of displacement.

The second aspect is “direct charity”, addressed to civilians and includes medical support and relief segments; Mrs Um Khalid left her hometown with her daughter Ghaida of eight years, and headed to the city of the Tal, to escape the bombing which caused to Ghaida severe burns, and prevented her to join her peers at school, because of timidity of the effects of burns. Through some relations, Um Khalid reached “Muslim Banaa”, which ensured wages for surgery for the child, what brought her self-confidence and helped them to reintegrate.

In addition to cover the high costs of surgeries, such as open-heart and kidney dialysis, the assembly covers treatment expenses of patients require regular care for patients with diabetes and cancer or patients who suffer from neurological diseases.

The first experiment for the distribution of aid was in Ramadan, where meals and food items were distributed. The other aspects of its relief is to support young people to secure their marriage costs, and provide 5,000 Syrian pounds for each of the children of families supported by the Association, the families of martyrs and prisoner, and those suffering hardship material, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, and to ensure clothing in several provinces in coordination with shops gave them free clothes and Assembly covered its price.

The third aspect of the work of the Assembly as “Mohammed Deiranieh”, the resident Assembly member within Syria, said, as “building future by building the human”, seeks through active installations on the ground to take care of orphans and the children of those affected until they graduate from university, following the “modern scientific methods ensure the consolidation of the true faith, and the development of leadership skills, and aspects of creativity and excellence they have. “

In regards to the sources of funding, Huzaifa explained that the association aims to convert its support to “sustainable self-financing” through small and medium-sized projects in the Syrian home and abroad, stressing that “the Syrian expatriates will not get out for a slice of key supporters have, in addition to international organizations relief, and funds distributed Assembly in several areas “.

Assembly is currently active in the displaced people areas gathered in the eastern Ghouta area, such as Douma and Zamalka, east Kalamoon like Tal, providing services for 100 families spread over those areas; and seek to expand the scope of work to include the entire countryside, and other provinces by the end of this year, in parallel with the upgrade in systematically planned and organized institutional, and self-financed.