Facebook will provide the Internet to the Syrian refugee camp

Facebook will provide the Internet to the Syrian refugee campimage

28 Sep

During his participation in the United Nations conference in New York City “Mark Zuckerberg” Facebook network founder and CEO, announced that his company began to provide the Internet to the Syrian refugee camps around the world, in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to Mark, Facebook started this project recognizing the importance of access the internet to the users, it helps them to get humanitarian aid better, as it helps them to communicate with their parents and their relatives more easily, he said that it also contributes to improve the lives of refugees in general and helps eliminate poverty also.

Mark said that provide the Internet to the refugee camps is part of the Facebook project to deliver the Internet to the whole world over the next five years, and in the end of his speech he said that to do like or share on Facebook may not stop the tank or fatal bullet, but when the world is connected it can disseminate and clarify the facts better.


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