” FAO “: 13.6 million Syrians are in ” urgent need ” of food aid

” FAO “: 13.6 million Syrians are in ” urgent need ” of food aidimage

04 Jun 2015


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said, on Wednesday, that the crisis in Syria had led 13.6 million people of the population to an urgent need of food aid.

According to a statement issued by the FAO Regional Office in Cairo that  “13.6 million inhabitants of Syria’s population in need of food aid as a result of the Syrian crisis, and that number includes 9.8 million people displaced internally and 3.8 million people are refugees abroad.”

The FAO announced earlier, that 9.8 million people are “food in secured” by the crisis in Syria, announcing the urgent need for $ 121 million to the aid of livelihoods affected by the crisis, as recently pointed out that 50% of Syrians live below the poverty line and that the humanitarian needs increased by 12-fold.

The statement added that “long-term conflicts and crises in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip have made the Near East and North Africa the only region in the world that recorded an increase in the prevalence of undernourishment rate since a quarter-century ago.”

And several parts of the country suffer from bad humanitarian situations, in light of the lack of food and medical supplies, because of the continued military confrontation between Assad army and armed revolution, what prevents the access of humanitarian assistance to those affected by such acts.