Feed Hungry Syrian Children with Mobile App “Share the Meal”

Feed Hungry Syrian Children with Mobile App “Share the Meal”image

23 Nov 2015

The launch of the new mobile application “Share the Meal” allows you to feed hungry children all around the world with only a few cents per day.

One in seven children does not have enough food to live a happy and healthy life. How can we help to end global hunger and contribute to the lives of those less fortunate, in places such as Syria?

It takes only US $ 0.50 (MAD 4) to feed one hungry child for an entire day by using the “Share the Meal” application with a simple tap on your smartphone, from wherever you are whenever you want to.

“There are twenty times more smartphone users than starving children. Imagine the impact we can have together,” the application campaign stresses.

The initiative was developed by a team in Berlin, Germany and it is part of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that provides the meals to the countries where children in need are located.

A map in the application shows locations in which areas “Share the Meal” is delivering food to the hungry. Seven active locations in Africa and one in the Middle East where Syrian refugees need assistance.

“We are currently raising funds to feed children who have fled ongoing conflict in Syria to Jordan.This is the fifth year away from home for many Syrian children and their families. Many refugee families face dire need,” the “Share the Meal” website says.

“Our current goal is to provide school meals to 20.000 Syrian children in refugee camps in Jordan for a full year. With school meals, we will provide vital nutrition and help them focus on their studies, rather than on empty stomachs,” it highlights.

The initiative has given more than 2.6 million meals (35 percent of its initial goal) to hungry children, mainly in Lesotho where all children in public schools were fed daily.