Films Week “I’m a refugee” reviews the suffering of the Palestinians and Syrians refugees.

Films Week “I’m a refugee” reviews the suffering of the Palestinians and Syrians refugees.image

14 May 2015

Under the title “I am a refugee” a week of movies which shed light on the fate of Palestinian refugees and Syrians, were launched in Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah.

A Lebanese director from Palestinian origin Carol Mansour created a documentary film named (there is no way to go back there now, my dear) the movie tells stories about Palestinian refugees whom the war forced to seek refuge in Syria again for a different places.

Carol – who was visiting the Palestinian territory for the first time –said in an interview with Reuters after viewing her film on ( alkasaba Theatre) in Ramallah, “I chose 14 personalities from different ages of Palestinian refugees in Syria to tell their stories, and over eight months of work and montage I finished this movie. “

She explained that she was seeking through her movie which was translated to English to show the stories of these refugees to the world.

The film displays in Ramallah with another set of documentaries and documentary films, in (Kasaba Theatre) in a collaboration with a number of domestic and foreign enterprises to address the suffering of the Syrians and Palestinian refugees together.

Carol added “a refugee is a refugee, we know what is asylum and what torment means, and I’d like to bring the idea to the rest of the world.”

In addition to that she said “no one choose to be a refugees, no one choose to pack his bags and go into another country, lose everything, home, purposes, life and he’s neighbours, he’s forced to go to another country.”

The movies are going to be launched in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as Nazareth and Haifa.

A booklet was distributed to the public before the opening show which was explaining that the films will shed light on the status of refugees “by the personal experience of the filmmakers on the one hand, and experience of the collective Syrians and Palestinian refugees living in Syria and abroad, especially the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp.”

The film week which is from the 12th of May to the 15th of May, will display five films and a collection of short films, all of them about the reality of the Palestinian refugees. And the Syrians.