“For Smiling Syrians in Turkey” Dentistry student project

“For Smiling Syrians in Turkey” Dentistry student projectimage

08 Jul 2015

Turkish Society began in executive of teeth treatment program for a hundred thousand Syrian refugee children, in framework of the project “For smiling Syrians in Turkey” prepared by the Syrian dentistry student “Deaa Barakat”, one of the victims of crime, “Chapel Hill” North Carolina, America, last February.

A statement issued by the Dentists Association idealists that the project prepared by Barakat for Syrian children in Turkey camps began to come true, pointing to begin treat the teeth of a hundred thousand children under the project.

Muzaffar Ardogral, The President of the Assembly, expressed his happiness to the implementation of the project on the ground, adding that the students of Dentistry, who was killed in a barbaric crime because of its Islamic identity, had dreamed treatment refugees teeth, for this the project “For smiling Syrians in Turkey” has been prepared, which did not materialize before his death, so we decided to investigation the dream of Barakat.

In the context of events related to the project, the Assembly established in cooperation with the Turkish humanitarian relief body, centre for teeth treatment, in Rihanli in Htaay state, south of the country, as well as planning educate nearly 15 thousand Syrian student in Istanbul the means of maintaining the oral and dental health, and in the framework of a protocol signed with the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

Furthermore, disaster management and emergency body, “Afad” continues to raise awareness for seventy thousand Syrian children residing in the camps about the teeth and oral health.

Ardogral said in mid- last February that his association is planning to expand the project, which was Barakat has begun, and convert it from a campaign with specific period of time to long-term project, noting that the Assembly intends to create mobile and fixed units of dental treatment in Syrian refugee camps attaches importance to treat teeth children and works In addition to increasing the awareness of oral health care and dental.

According to Ardogral the project starts during the summer to take advantage of dental students who will be in the annual holiday. The project will depend on volunteer dentists and support by the dentists who are already working in the camps.