Former Coloradan raising money for Syrian refugees

Former Coloradan raising money for Syrian refugeesimage

03 Nov 2015

KUSA – The United Nations’ refugee agency says more than 218,000 refugees crossed the Mediterranean in October, a one-month total that’s nearly equal to the number of people from all of 2014.

Former Littleton resident Shannon Mason McNutt, who now lives in Budapest, Hungary, was deeply moved with the plight of the migrants. She enlisted the help of family, friends and volunteers to deliver food and clothes.

“When you see the conditions in which they are going through and what the conditions where they must have left, I can’t understand it,” McNutt said.

McNutt has created a GoFundMe page:

She already raised $15,000, but she says she’ll keep helping refugees as long as she has money to do so. She says clothing, formula, and diapers for infants are the items migrants most need right now.

“When you go and you look into the eyes of these kids and the parents and you see that they are just like you,” McNutt said.