From California.. Project to launch swarms small aircraft carrying humanitarian aid for Syrians

From California.. Project to launch swarms small aircraft carrying humanitarian aid for Syriansimage

27 Apr 2015

News reports pointing out that range of different nationalities trying to activate and expand the framework of the project for delivery humanitarian aid to the Syrians by using small drones. In the “Sacramento” Airport state “California,” several people gathered to test number of aircraft without pilot which ripe for private purposes, among the participating group there are some drones obsessed, Syrian refugees and Iraqis refugees, and all of them are working on the launch aircraft project bearing the colours: Red, black, green and white (the common colours of both regime and revolution flags). The project idea was a personal initiative from “Marc Jacobs” Americans, 33 years old. According to a report to the British Broadcasting Corporation he said that his meeting with Syrian refugees in Turkey such as the turning point in his life, he added “I think that many people are going through the events in their lives unnoticed without thinking about what they are doing throughout the day, but to be there and see this epic struggle, where doctors are risking their lives for smuggling medical supplies, and the traded stories about those who were standing idly watching their children die of starvation. So the return from there after living all these events, adds a very special experience unmatched by anything else in importance. ” He stressed, “Jacobson” The objective of the project, which aspires to achieve great, summed up “End the use of starvation and deprivation of medical supplies as a weapon during the war”, Explaining that he and his team aspires to run the “convoys” of unmanned aircraft, emanating from Turkey into Syria, and implement a projection paratroopers small boxes containing aid in certain locations, according to the GPS. After completing the task, small aircraft belonging to quit points and repeated journey several times in fulfilment of what he calls “Jacobsen” project “swarms Syrian air transport.” “Ali,” a Syrian within the Working Group, he is continuing his studies for a doctorate in engineering, has left Syria before the start of the crisis, while his father is still there in Syria, nowhere near the “Aleppo”, but he does not know where he lives specifically. Ali said “I find it very difficult to sleep at night all the time. I can not forget the faces of children who eat their food from the trash, I can not erase it from my memory.” And completed, crying, saying that he feels guilty because it is very far from Syria, but what he is doing in “California” gives hope to do something. Drones manufactures from simple materials include “foam” plates and adhesive tape used in the packaging with hot glue and even after adding a piece autopilot and the battery and the engine, the plane making does not exceed the cost of $ 500. The idea focuses on the aircraft made, in the hands of Syrian refugees in Turkey and emblazoned with Syria children. Flying aircraft of this type without making noise, so bet “Jacobsen” that very few of them can bring down if they flew at night. But there are concerns about the possibility of the occurrence of these aircraft in the wrong hand, so the team is working to develop the characteristics enable them to disrupt in case of losing it. It was clear through the day of the test in the “Sacramento” airport, that the launch of the aircraft is super fast, and can launch 30 aircraft in one hour with the possibility of follow-up successfully through a laptop, and the test also resulted the safety return of all aircraft in addition to the continuation of one of them to fly for a distance of 60 kilometres. Expected to see Turkish territory the largest test next summer, and if the test succeeds, the team will begin to meet the challenge of funding for the industry’s largest number of aircraft, and can team of 4 members manufacturing 10 planes per day. But the biggest challenge may be that the team is facing the legal status of the project, as exporting drones from the United States to the region is witnessing a war, must be surrounded by a great deal of caution in the context of American law. And also aviation a small aircraft in Turkish airspace and crossed international borders to Syria and returning again an additional legal challenge and here may be the Turkish government’s approval of the basic requirements for the completion of the project.