From the heart of ALWaeer besieged..Ryhan wins Homs film festival

From the heart of ALWaeer besieged..Ryhan wins Homs film festivalimage

20 Apr 2015

Creative act varies in means and tools from the floor to the sound to the picture to the board to all that can deliver a noble idea and straighten absent principle to meet the paths of creativity finally in its goals and objectives. Hoping to reconcile what it has failed to deliver the traditional means for piped. Thus opened residents and activists inside ALWAER neighborhood besieged in Homs city the Homs Festival Of Documentary Film defying the siege and difficult living conditions. As mentioned Festival organizers the reason for the establishment of the festival is the demolition of the stagnation in the body of the revolutionary media so began the festival in its launch for three days. The first day showing a long film entitled “Assassination of Aleppo”. The second day we were with the film’s “Books Lovers”. The third day was devoted to view movies photographer in the city of Homs some dissolved as a guest of the festival and some participated in the competition. The number of contestants was five, films has undergone a scientific evaluation mechanism adapted from universities and specialized institutes. Won the first place “Ryhan” movie which is filmed and directed by media activist Muhannad Al-Hamoud, supervised the editing Nawaf al-Homsi, translator Media Daghstani. The film personalities who participated Is the Director of the Office of the martyrs buried Abo sham (the title role), child Firas smile of siege, Abo Ibrahim a history professor and former detainee. About the festival and the film Hamoud saying “This victory was not deserved never my name, I dedicate this victory to the martyrs of Homs, to their mothers, and their graves diggers, to carried their bodies, and to the smiles of children that provide hope to stay and continue to win. The regime deprived us of the joy of success in university graduation and laid siege to all our joy but today I feel happy which robbed me throughout the years of the revolution. Praise be to God and thanks to those in charge of the festival and to each one helped me to completion of this work their names engraved in my heart. I chose this film because the idea was not raised before and to shed light on this business in revolution and the atmosphere of the martyrs’ cemetery, which is originally Garden neighborhood between houses.” Bombing or death, and the voices of lead was not an impediment to the people living in their quest to aspects of life that were absent from their daily habits, attendance at the three-day festival was more than expected, one of the organizers said about this topic “It is well known that the people of Homs cultured and arts loving, fascist regime’s military machine did not prevent people from coming, despite all the tragedy they are going through. All this was and will remain a motivation for us to be is not the first and last time but certainly there will be business coming, this is the first edition of the festival and will be followed by a second round and third.”