German magazine published a special issue for refugees in Arabic and German language

German magazine published a special issue for refugees in Arabic and German languageimage

29 May 2015

“Zeit Magazin”, a German magazine, issued this week a special issue for refugees in Germany in both Arabic and German languages, desirous of welcoming them and talk with them instead of talk about their case in isolation from them.

The new issue has become available in the stalls and shops, and also an electronic copy, it designed that refugees can read articles published in Arabic in the other side of the page, also includes a number of images taken by the refugees themselves in the first months of their arrival to Germany.

And on the cover of the magazine is written in Arabic: “starting every day because they aspire for a better life, we dedicate to them this issue. The majority of refugees in Germany speak Arabic”.

The issue displays the problems which facing the number of new refugees in Germany, and how they success to find solutions for it in in a country they cannot speak in its language, the issue also talking about the refugee’s dreams which aspire to achieve.

Mohamed Omujahd, journalist the editor of the magazine’s office, says to Aks-alser “The editorial office tried to think what we can do to welcome all immigrants who have been forced to resort to Germany, and we have agreed to launch an issue in Arabic and German languages, because we do not want to speak only about the refugees, but we want to speak with them “.

And when they asked him if the magazine will subtract other special initiatives for refugees in the future, he explained that the issuance of such as the current issue of the magazine “is not possible daily or weekly, but we tried to preparation a magazine for refugees and their cases in Germany”.

He stressed that the message they wanted to deliver through this number is “simple and clear: welcome refugees in Germany and without a question mark” as he said.