German Picture Book for Syrian Refugees

German Picture Book for Syrian Refugeesimage

06 Nov 2015

German book illustrator Anna Karina Birkenstock has created a free digital German language picture dictionary for Syrian refugees and their children

Birkenstock decided to make the book knowing that many of the refugees coming to Germany from Syria have smartphones, so she convinced 25 colleagues to help her out and build this free resource. The book is called, Das Willkommens-ABC, and has 150 basic words along with some context. Here is an excerpt:

When language fails, pictures may be able to overcome barriers. However, when diverse cultures meet, even pictures can have their limitations. How does one describe a snowman to someone who has never seen snow? How can inter-cultural communication work? As an illustrator and author of books for children’s early development I know that a book is only a tool. The most important medium is the person who, through the mix of words, pictures and gestures, can help a child discover the world.