German publishing house facilitates the integration of the Syrians by electronic dictionary

German publishing house facilitates the integration of the Syrians by electronic dictionaryimage

03 Sep 2015

Amid immersive atmosphere of welcome and solidarity among all segments of German society towards foreigners refugee influx in increasing numbers to the country, a giant publishing house in German “Lananchaidt” has issued a double free dictionary in Arabic and German, to help improve the communication between the Syrian refugees and citizens of German who volunteers to help them, and accelerate the integration of those coming in their new community.

The dictionary contains, which offered by the Lananchaidt the largest German publishing house – on its website until the end of next February, 50 thousand Arabic word and its synonyms in German and vice versa, and the Arabic words written in Latin characters, in addition to the pronunciation for all the words in two languages Arabic and Dutch.

The German publishing house allowed getting this dictionary by simple way, the issuance of this free electronic dictionary is the first step as Lananchaidt said, and the next step will be aims to issue a second dictionary to teach the German language by pictures.

The spokeswoman of Lananchaidt, Steighani Geisberger, said that the Publishing House was surprised by the great interest to download the book and like it on its page on Facebook, after the arrival of a number of download the book to more than 50 thousand people and Fans to about 10 thousand within one week.

She explained in a statement to “Aljazzera net” that the publishing house founded that the very need for the issuance of the new dictionary after receiving many requests from Germans volunteers invited it to help them overcome the problem of linguistic communication with Syrian refugees who most of them have not mastered German.