German University Allows Refugees to Study Online

German University Allows Refugees to Study Onlineimage

09 Jun 2015

In December 2014 the German university student Marcus founded the Chrysler University as a non-profit online university, designed to enable the refugees to continue or start their higher education.

According to their website, the organization aims to provide World-class higher education and internationally accredited certificates, for everyone, regardless of gender, sex, nationality, race, religion, age financial and social situation., everywhere in the world.

Students can enroll on classes without proof of previous certificates or identity proof, the education is completely free. University only asks for identity proof at the graduation in order to five official certificates. Degrees will be offer by partner institutions, accredited German Universities.

All courses would bee taught in English, so any English-speaking student can enroll in any course all over the world. , and that is in collaboration with partner universities,, teachers will design the course plans.

Starting next fall, the university will offer courses in Engineering, Economics and Computer science. Theses options are based on a survey of 617 people, in which 80 % of them introduced themselves as refugees.

In spite of the global orientation, the sponsoring organization for the university is rooted in Germany, in which the organization works to reduce the suffer through adults educational programs.

According to federal laws applicable to higher education and most of the school regulations, which allow refugees to engage in a program of study, only after the approval of the local foreign registration office, which would add legal obstacles for student’s refugee status. However, prior to registration, students must validate previous qualifications, which require refugees to provide documents, they usually don’t have.

Because of the regulations in the asylum refugees are forced often to change residence several times and to stay usually in remote areas, making it difficult for these people to reach a permanent place to study. The refugees in Germany are facing great uncertainty about the duration of their stay, not to mention the great linguistic barriers.

Unlike refugees who have completed the asylum procedure and acquired protection, no other asylum seekers access to federal subsidies or support unless they were in the country for more than four years. According to a survey conducted by the University, more than half of the respondents were unable to attend college because of inadequate financial resources.

Therefore, the founders of the new university decided to invest only tools owned by refugees like; Internet connection, a laptop, and the time and place to study.

The University’s website:

Accurate and detailed information about studying in Germany, can be found at this website: