Germany hosting thousands of Syrian refugees from the educated elites

Germany hosting thousands of Syrian refugees from the educated elitesimage

13 May 2015

In the plan for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in a third country, Lebanese media said on Tuesday, reported from the German foreign minister that his country would seek to host the thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon under certain conditions.

According to local newspaper «AlNhar», quoting specific sources of displaced Syrians file, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who will visit Lebanon in middle of May, his country will host tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, provide that they are of the educated elites, without clearer mechanisms of reception.

This news had huge reacts among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where some considered «joyful news», while others are considered part of the «campaign to capitalize on the minds and who owners expertise».

Nermin Homsi, Syrian activist said, «All Syrian refugees in Lebanon suffer from very difficult circumstances, and people with health issues are the most to suffer, where the costs of treatment very rising, therefore they are more entitled to travel to Germany than others».

She noting that «choose the learners to travel to Germany, involves many implications, including Germany’s need for those, eventually, the European countries are also looking for their interests».

In a related context to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon case, it has been suspended registration applications in the High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) completely, in agreement between UNHCR, and the Lebanese government.

Where the Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs, Rashid Derbas, said that «since 05/01/2015 decides that there will not be new asylum for new appliers, and who applied before that date, the ministry has requested review with the Commission before registration».