Germany plans to receive 300 Syrian refugees from Egypt

Germany plans to receive 300 Syrian refugees from Egyptimage

06 May 2015

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, said on Tuesday, that his country plans to receive 600 refugees who fled the war in their country and currently residing temporarily in Egypt.

The German minister said during his visit to the Egyptian capital Cairo, that half the refugees scheduled to receive them in Germany came from Syria, who have left their country because of the war department there, since more than four years.

On the other hand, the German minister pointed out that most of the 300 others who plan Germany to resettle, descended from African countries suffering internal unrest as Eritrea, noting that it is scheduled to receive these refugees in Germany in the context of the resettlement program.

Sirwan Haji, Syrian refugee resident in Germany, said for ARA News Germany is at the forefront of European countries that Syrian refugees wish to reside there, where procedures in receive them and family reunion, the best procedures in Europe and the most speed, and he adding that as it is Known by population reports, tha majority of European people are high aged, and they lack for the working power of youth. The thing that refugees would offer to Europe.

According to German government statistics, the country has received over the past years about 300 thousand Syrian refugees, making it ranked first European in terms of acceptance of Syrian refugees, and the second is Sweden with about 200 thousand refugees.