Germany sponsors a campaign to prepare Syrians refugees for the labor market

Germany sponsors a campaign to prepare Syrians refugees for the labor marketimage

14 Sep 2015

The German Minister of Labor, Andrea Nales, announced that her government will allocate between 600 million and 1.1 billion euros for Syrian refugees to be ready for the German labor market as soon as possible.

She said: “What is needed is to get people that come to us quickly into the labor market, and become neighbors and colleagues in the workplace as soon as possible.”

And she promised to increase the number of translators in job search centres which spread in all Germany, and increase the number of learning German language courses, with additional 180 million euros allotted to support this project up to 2016.

And she called the Federal Labor Agency to work quickly to send their employees to the refugee population areas to gather accurate information about the extent of their scientific and professional qualification.

The German economic bodies are the first party who urged the government to receive a large number of refugees to meet the growing shortage in the labor market, because of the growing split in the population pyramid in the country.

The representatives of these bodies informed the government about their willingness to finance the vocational training courses for all in working age from the refugees, with providing guarantees to the bodies that trainees will not be deported before three years and the government will find an exception for the low that states 21 age is the upper age limit for training.