Global Impact Launches Syrian Refugee Fund

Global Impact Launches Syrian Refugee Fundimage

14 May 2015

Global Impact launched the Syrian Refugee Fund, in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which has forced approximately 3 million refugees to seek asylum in neighboring countries, The fund illuminates the needs of Syrian refugees and provides an opportunity for donor engagement and contributions.

“We are seeing one of the largest crises of displaced persons in modern times,” said Global Impact Vice President Ann Canela. “The needs of Syrian refugees are extreme and we will use this platform as a visibility and fundraising tool to scale existing solutions and to provide opportunities for promising innovations that alleviate suffering.”

At the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in September, 2014, President Clinton and King Abdullah of Jordan recognized Global Impact and seven other world class organizations for their Commitments to Action to help those displaced by the protracted disaster that has forced Syrians from their homes and their livelihoods.

The goal of the Syrian Refugee Fund is to raise $1 million from foundations, corporations and individuals to provide support to Syrian refugees in Jordan and other countries impacted by the crisis. Also they aim to reduce pressure on government and public resources in countries to which refugees are fleeing; and close funding gaps for CGI Commitments to Action for the Syrian refugee crisis, in areas such as education, healthcare and economic development.

“As a leader in global philanthropy, Global Impact influences billions of dollars on an annual basis,” Ms. Canela continued. “It is our responsibility to highlight the needs of refugees to the private sector and individuals worldwide.”