Global organization: a million Syrians have fled in the last 8 months

Global organization: a million Syrians have fled in the last 8 monthsimage

24 Apr 2015

Daniel Jurevan, adviser policies of the Syrian crisis in the organization “Oxfam”, explained that “a million Syrians forced to flee from their areas in Syria, in the past eight months, as a result of the ongoing conflict”, Stressing the need to ” find a solution for the crisis in Syria, represented in a fear and lasting peace, Otherwise population will continue attempts to escape across the border”. Jurevan expressed his sad in an interview “neighbouring countries has doubled its restrictions on Syrian refugees reaching their lands. However, the ongoing Syrian crisis, and without horizon prospective solutions, does not bear any indications that the violence in Syria will end soon”, pointing out that “The last report showed additional death and homelessness, as well as exacerbate the needs last year”. He pointed out that “The Security Council, called for an end to the brutality and deprivation of assistance that characterize the Syrian conflict, but his call was ignored, as well as the complete collapse of the Syrian economy”, stressing that ” must find a solution for the conflict in Syria, and most of the refugees in the end, they want to return home to rebuild their lives and their country. But in the current time options should be available for them to live their lives in safety and dignity in other countries, and must be adequate assistance available to them to complete their lives outside of their country”.