Google launches fundraising campaign to support Syrian refugees

Google launches fundraising campaign to support Syrian refugeesimage

18 Sep 2015

Google launched a fundraising campaign on its website to support Syrian refugees, in order to encourage more people to donate and thus collect about $ 11 million.

Google pledged on Wednesday to reach about $ 5.5 million in donations to humanitarian groups that are looking for help Syrian refugees who enter Europe.

Charitable arm of technology giant gave actually more than a million dollars to help organizations in the relief efforts.

The donations will be distributed to four non-profit groups, namely: MSF, the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations.

These non-profit organizations help provide basic assistance, including shelter, food, water and medical care, and provide safety and basic needs of the refugees.

And thousands of refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria to Europe, and many of the immigrants to reach Europe faced many problems represented in crowded temporary camps and limited food and unhealthy conditions around them.

And European governments scrambled recently to deal with the flow by monitoring the temporary borders between states, and study of how to move about 120,000 asylum seekers.