Hashim’s Dream 

Hashim’s Dream image

16 Apr 2015

As the Syrian conflict continued, and the attacks persisted against schools and universities as well as against the students and staff. The schools were affected by the attacks and missile strikes with high numbers of victims. It has not been verified whether the schools were the intended targets of the attacks. The higher education in Syria was affected, and many universities were hit by multiple explosions that caused wounded many students. Schools should be respected as places of peace and safe havens for children where they can access education without fear of death or injury.The students and schools are under attack in Syria.The schools are used as military bases and turning from places of learning into military targets that putting students at risk. The Syrian children have had to face things in the horrors of war that no child should have to bear.

Many Syrian children are not even getting basic education and are losing their future. Syria’s brutal conflict has left many children lost years of education. Hisham is a student at Arastan Secondary School sharing his story. My dream is to be a civil engineer, but the current unrest situation in our area, which lasted for three years, has enforced me to leave my school education. I lost any hope that I could achieve this dream. I heard from my friends that there is a new Secondary school called Anamel will be opened in the area. So, I was thrilled to be offered another chance to pursue my education. I have registered at the school and attended the science classes. I felt motivated to be able to follow my future dreams and to be an engineer.

The teaching staff and classes are highly qualified, and the teaching methods are very up-to-date and offer varied experimental methods. The school also offers break-times during the classes to socialise with other students and to review the school materials. Anamel School has offered me a life changing opportunity to carry on my education and accomplish my future goals.