Heba the Natural Sciences Teacher

Heba the Natural Sciences Teacherimage

12 Apr 2015

“Education can save lives, and it has the power to give people hope for the future,” said Heba. Heba is a natural sciences teacher at Arastan Anamel School. She believed that the Syrian crisis is having a profound impact on the Syrian vulnerable children in their communities entering the fourth year. “For many children, school is a safe place where they can get an education, develop their future goals and make friends,” Heba commented. The ongoing unrest in Syria and the transition into a new life have caused many Syrian children to miss years of school. She stated that many children have lost many years of schooling and are not able to enrol in formal education. 

“The lives of the students are destroyed, and the majority of them are left without education” Heba noted. A large numbers of Syrian children are not in school at the moment, and if the situation does not improve dramatically there will be a risk of under-educated generations in Syria. Heba said that some families cannot afford to send all of their children to school, and have to make a decision of choosing that one should attend. Heba believed that Arastan Anamel School has used entire different teaching dynamic in the classrooms and teachers are trained to work with children that suffer from psychological distress.

Heba stated that due to the limited resources, the school has struggled to sustain the students’ attendance, and to implement more effective monitoring and evaluation systems. Arastan Anamel School needs to increase its education capacity and provide more teaching shifts to the students and develop further contemporary teaching techniques for the classrooms.