Hend Sabri donate money from her new film to Syrian refugees

Hend Sabri donate money from her new film to Syrian refugeesimage

13 Sep 2015

Tunisian-Egyptian actress Hend Sabry vowed to donate all the money she makes from her upcoming film “Al Baghbagha″ to Syrian refugees in the region. The film, which translates to “The Parrot,” is scheduled to start filming Saturday.

The Jordanian-German film tells the story of a Jewish family in Morocco in 1948 and will be directed by two promising young filmmakers, Amjad Al Rashad and Darren Peace.

Sabri considered that their participation in “Al Baghbagha” and cooperation with young filmmakers, is part of the encouragement to filmmakers who begin their first steps in the film industry.

Sabry, who has been active in social and humanitarian work, has been working very closely with the World Food Program to raise awareness about hunger in the region and became the official WFP regional ambassador in 2010.

Due to her efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty in the region and her strong impact on the Arabic entertainment industry, Sabry was included the Arabian Business list of the world’s top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2013.

Furthermore, the widely beloved celebrity was one of the very few prominent figures to actively participate in a Facebook Campaign called “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” that was inspired by the Arab Spring. The campaign called for equal rights for women according to the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is actively calling for freedom, independence, and security of women in the Arab world.