Humanitarian catastrophe threatening the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan

Humanitarian catastrophe threatening the Syrian refugee camps in Jordanimage

12 Jun 2015

The regional advisor and coordinator of the emergency food program of the United States in Jordan, Jonathan Campbell, announced his fear from a humanitarian disaster threatens the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan during the month of Ramadan, because the financial allocations needed to meet their relief “is not enough” as he said.

“The World Food Program in Jordan needs in the next three months $ 41 million, in the time we have only $ 4 million, while Syrian refugees in Jordan need $ 15 million a month.”, Campbell said.

“WFP was forced earlier this year to reduce the value of the vouchers provided to the Syrian refugees from twenty dinars to 13 dinars per person per month, due to a lack of funding, and that the reduction has continued to lower over the past month, reaching one coupon value ten dinars only “, he continued.

Campbell discussing; “Effects of reduction on refugees, particularly children, especially as assessments and surveys conducted during 2015 showed that one of three families withdrew their children from school.”

Jordanian authorities have opened several camps for Syrian refugees largest “Zaatari” camp in Mafraq Governorate, which accommodates more than 100 000 refugees, the camps Mregib Panthers known Balamaratne, and gardens King Abdullah and Alsaybr City in Ramtha, and Manshiet Olayan in Mafraq, in addition to the blue camp east of Amman, with distributed the rest of the refugees to Jordan cities and villages.

Jordan called on several occasions the international community to assume its responsibilities in helping Jordan to shoulder the burden of Syrian refugees on its territory, where an estimated number of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom, according to the Jordanian government statements, about 1.4 million, and lives mostly in towns and villages in the north of the Kingdom, including about 120 thousand camp Zaatari, amid bad living conditions.