Hundreds of Syrian refugees poisoned in “Derek” Turkish camp

Hundreds of Syrian refugees poisoned in “Derek” Turkish campimage

01 May 2015

Mohammed Al Nuaimi, director of the Syrian League for the Rights of Refugees, said on Thursday that nearly 300 Syrian refugees living in the “Derek” camp were poisoned after eating a meal of “chicken thighs”.

He explained, the refugees have suffered from cases of severe fatigue and fainting after a meal, another refugees helped them to reach to the health center, after the camp management refused entry ambulance, but some cases have been transferred to hospitals in the cities, “Derek” and “Mardin”, and some dangerous cases transferred to the city of Diyarbakir.

He pointed out that the refugees went out in a demonstration, demanding drinkable water and clean food, the camp management summoned the Turkish police “ganderma”, who used water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters before some shootings in the air which injured some refugees in suffocation. Things became calmer by the arrival of Turkish area governor.

According to “Al-Nuaimi” It contact with members of the coalition, but he did not have a response only from Dr. Abdul Baset Seda, and chairman of the Interim Government Ahmad Tohme, who said that he form an operations room to follow up the case, calling not to allow for “exaggerations” access to the media.

“Nuaimi” called on his page on Facebook, the Turkish government and the interim government to conduct an investigation in the case, pointing out that the poisoning was intentional, as he said.