Imprisoned Syrian refugees granted appeal.

Imprisoned Syrian refugees granted appeal.image

17 Apr 2015

Three Syrian men had been arrested in one of Britain airports (Heathrow airport) 2013 after they arrived without passports and asked for asylum claiming that they were threatened in Syria , they had been questioned and told that they were ill-advised and had been arrested because they were not in possession of travel documents required under UK law. The young man, who is now 21, said he fled Syria in the wake of death threats and got to Britain via neighboring Lebanon and Egypt. Despite his complex case, the man was arrested and sentenced to four months imprisonment in a jail for young offenders. The second man landed in the UK in August 2013. He said he had fled from Syria the previous month because of the war and a number of verbal threats he had received. He was also arrested and subsequently sentenced to 8 weeks in jail. A third Syrian man arrived in November 2013 without a passport. He told UK officials the Syrian government suspected him of being a member of the Free Syrian Army. He was sentenced to three months. Finally the imprisoned Syrian refugees granted appeal. Over 190,000 Syrians have been killed while 1.5 million have suffered injury, and two million houses have been destroyed or damaged as well, when many hospitals and schools have been closed or made inaccessible, since the conflict broke out. An estimated 12.2 million Syrians currently require humanitarian assistance, 5 million of them are children. The scale of destruction plaguing Syria has been described by the UN as the world’s most serious crisis since World War II.