In an effort to leap in the field of artificial limbs «Sayer» centre start work

In an effort to leap in the field of artificial limbs «Sayer» centre start workimage

23 Jun 2015

Sayer center for manufacture of artificial limbs, installation and rehabilitation was established two months ago in Gaziantep, Turkey, in cooperation with WSO organization. In an attempt to improve the situation for artificial limbs industry in Syria.

Dr Hamza Diab, a specialist in orthopedic surgery and director of the center, said that the patient is subjected before and after the installation of limbs into physical and psychological treatment and this make us the first center of its kind that works in an integrated manner.

The center has signed a partnership contract with the company «Outo Bok» global manufacturing limbs, a leading German company older than 120 years, so the partnership on the training of stuff for the manufacture of the limbs in accordance with the method Outobok in manufacturing, import special manufacturing machines and manufactured limbs, «The center is unique because it is the only one, the Outo Bok company accepted to deal with, and will achieve a leap in the world of artificial limbs Syrian Revolution», according Dr. Hamza.

The Center specializes firstly in manufacturing limbs and Rehabilitation of patients with amputee through physical therapy, says Dr. «We receive amputation cases, then it is suspected to test by the Commission Quartet, composed of the Chairman of the Committee orthopedic surgeon, Doctor of Physical Therapy, a specialist prosthetics, follows the German company, psychologist».

The stuff working currently on a future plan to expand into other functions, it will be attached to the center a special floor specialist clinics, which include the terms of reference adenocarcinoma and cardiology and gynecology, according to Diab the center will receives patients directly to avoid congestion and wait, but after referrals from other centers or doctors will deal with it later.

The doctor explains that the artificial limbs classified according to quality: normal simple limb, advanced mechanical limb, hydraulic and finally the intelligent limb, «the artificial limbs which we will made in our center is the mechanical high-quality limb (half Intelligent) and this is what makes us the only ones among all those who have worked in this field during the Syrian revolution».

Centre began work with 20 cases so far but the official opening will be soon, according to the Doctor, he pointing out that the official website of it in the final stages, and can patients taking appointments through it, even takes each patient the time and the right care, the center will serves between 30-40 limb per month.

There are more than 20 thousand Syrians have lost limbs during the war, and several initiatives trying on the Syrian-Turkish border to mitigate the effects of that for who arriving to it, especially since the low level of medical care in places of injury contributed to the arrival of their cases to amputation.