Individual workshop manufacturing artificial limbs in the northern Homs

Individual workshop manufacturing artificial limbs in the northern Homsimage

03 Aug 2015

“I document every case on my personal facebook page … this is what I can do so people would know, there is someone who produce artificial limbs in short time and without thousands of Dollars, cost”.

In an attempt to restore the smile on the lips of those who lost limbs, and to help them cope with the situation imposed by the war that ravaged the country for more than four years, the idea of manufacturing plastic limbs, came to meet the needs of dozens of people trapped in Northern Homs, in the absence of organizations and assemblies in this area.

Farouk Nour Aldeen, Abo Housam, has moved to the countryside escaping the Syrian regime and started last September to work in a small workshop in one town in Northern Homs, trying to secure artificial limbs for those who have lost their feet or hands, to compensate partly what they lost.

Abu Hussam says he found many cases of amputation in the upper and lower limbs in the region in which they live, when the idea of providing them with plastic limbs popped into his mind, by virtue of his knowledge of previous industry of plastic raw materials, “This made it easy to me, to produce limbs that fit every different case”.

One Artificial Limb With Less Than $100

“We don’t have foreign limbs ready to be given to people, we have a foot amputation, below knee and above knee amputation, which means that each case requires different measures and the limb would be made specially for him/her.”

Abu Husam tries to secure the necessary materials by all mean, under the blockade suffered by the region, pointing to the many other difficulties faced during the work, as dealing with brokers and competitor dealer, who sell foreign limbs in thousands of dollars, “They attacked us and tried to close the humanitarian workshop, but they did not appreciate because we are right.”

Abu Husam refers that the amounts charged by the price of the limbs is “very low”, and barely covers manufacturing costs, “at the beginning of my work I sold the first party I made with 8 thousand Syrian pounds, then the price was raised to 10 thousand, then arrived later to 15 thousand, because I am suffering much in the provision of basic materials that help me complete what I do. “

Rehabilitation After Applying The Limb

The limb is made on the basis of medical advice provided by a physiotherapist, who helps to assess the situation from a medical point, and monitor the inflammation of the wound or amputation, also monitors the health status of the injured through the use of the limb.

Abu Diya, a physical therapy specialist works with Abu Housam and assist in splints and retaining devices manufacturing, his work is to do rehabilitation of the injured limb before installing of splint, and follows the situation after installation and watching over the medical benefit for the patient.