IRC Give Cash Assistance For Syrian Refugees

IRC Give Cash Assistance For Syrian Refugeesimage

14 Apr 2015

With the continuation of the Syrian crisis the number of people fleeing from the war is escalating, most of them have only their clothes. But Syrian refugees in Lebanon are suffering the most to the lack of camps, as in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. They are scattered among 1,200 towns and villages, making them much harder to reach and help. Many live in informal tent settlements and abandoned warehouses or crowd into small, expensive apartments or the homes of friends. Most can’t afford rent, to buy food and fuel, or pay for schooling for their children, It drives this Family to send their children to work instead of sending them to schools. This humanitarian situation pay the International Rescue Committee to provide cash assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon accessed through reloadable debit cards, to thousands of the most vulnerable refugees. For up to half a year, families receive as much as $200 a month to spend on necessities of their choice. At the end of this period, they are referred to other IRC programmes for support. It appears that cash assistance is most useful types of assistance where they can be used in different areas according to their priorities and needs and an especially effective way to reach isolated urban refugees who now make up an increasingly large number of the refugee population worldwide. Families receiving cash assistance had more frequent and plentiful meals, and were 50 percent less likely to put their children to work and more likely to send them to school. This assistance does not compensate for the loss of their country, but it help them live with the simplest ways of life.