Istanbul. Three Syrian Groups take part in the International Student Forum

Istanbul. Three Syrian Groups take part in the International Student Forumimage

12 May 2015

Yesterday afternoon, international forum for students in Turkish universities ended its activities. Representatives from Syria attended over three days, as part of the activities organized by the World Federation of Student Organizations in Üsküdar, on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Syrian representation was highly remarked with three different wings representing different groups; one represented Syrian students in Turkish universities, another one represented “Al-Nour” association while the third one represented Turkmen Syrians.

The wing for Syrian Students had many activities; they introduced they Syrian cities and the Syrian civilization, also there was also a document for commitment to support the Syrian issue, in Arabic, Turkish and English languages, which was signed by student. In addition to Arabic calligraphy, which attracted visitors to wait in lines to have their names written in Arabic letters.

While “Sultan Mehmet Fatih” Syrian school performed a play on the theater, to remind people of Syrian heritage and culture.

One of the Organizers, from “Al-Nour” association, which presented symbolic products of the Syrian revolution for sale to help Syrians inside Syria, said the aim of participation is to tell the visitors about the current situation in Syria and the suffer of Syrian people because of the war.

Safaa, a student at the University of Marmara commented, “Syria has three different and far wings, while other countries have one wing,” explaining, “certainly is a good thing, but if anything it shows the dispersion.”

The organizers of the Syrian students wing have made it clear that, rather than Telling people about the civilization of Syria, we had to explain why we have three wings, the visitors asked us if every wing represent a separate part in Syria!