Jordan grants Syrian refugees magnetic security cards

Jordan grants Syrian refugees magnetic security cardsimage

12 May 2015

Brigadier General Dr. Wadah Al-Hamoud, The Director of Syrian refugees Affairs Directorate stressed to “Al-Ghad”, Jordanian newspaper, on Sunday that the number of Syrian refugees in the Jordanian kingdom who received the magnetic security cards is 70.875 out of 1.400.000 Syrian refugees.

Hamoud explained that the resolution of issue magnetic security cards for Syrian refugees was introduced since last 15 February, noting that the deadline to get magnetic card, «will be open» to while counting the number of Syrian refugees on the territory of the Kingdom.

The issuance of these cards comes amid complaints from Syrian refugees about rising fees the medical service, as well as fear the majority of refugees of being returned to the camps.

Hamoud also noting that the Syrian refugees who residing in camp, iris recognition was taken for them, and data base was set about them, he pointed out that there are in the camps (Zaatari and Azraq) nearly 107.244 Syrian refugee, and the work is under way to given them the magnetic cards, Where «it been allocated 108 security center, provider of services and techniques which necessary for the issuance, in order to make it easier for Syrian refugees».

The conditions for issuing the card, include Bring the passport and a document of the High Commissioner for Refugees original, and bring «disease-free certificate» of the Ministry of Health, for those over the age of 12 years, and highlight the rent contract signed by the owner of house, including his national number and a copy of his identity and his signature on the lease, and should bring all family members even children with their documents for the purpose of taking iris recognition.

Hazna Abdul Rauf, Social researcher, said to ARA News «this cards are specialized for Syrian refugees and they are the main benefiters from it, and through it they access to educational and therapeutic services, and other assistance provided by the Jordanian government, organizations and associations of refugee relief, It also will help the concerned authorities in Jordan, to count the actual number of Syrian refugees, so that they can develop the necessary relief programs which cover their number, and submit it to organizations that threw it upon themselves to provide the assistance requested, and thus ease the burden on the Jordanian government».

In Jordan, outside the camps, there are about 1.300.000 Syrian refugee, only about 71.000 Syrian refugee went to issue the magnetic security card.