Jordan rejects a housing project for Syrian refugees, because of the resettlement idea.

Jordan rejects a housing project for Syrian refugees, because of the resettlement idea.image

18 May 2015

The Jordanian government has rejected an offer from one of the donor organizations for Syrian refugees to secure apartments and buy houses for them in the cities.

The government explained the rejection by saying that there is fear that this action could open the door for resettlement which is rejected by the state.

According to A spokesman for the Jordanian government, Dr. Mohammed Momani, The idea of resettlement or naturalization of any refugees is unacceptable and cannot be accepted by the government, and he added that the international and regional organizations demanded to resettlement the Syrian refugees but this is totally rejected.

Pointing to that he commented about a proposal which was offered by the United Nations to put a program for the implementation of a project “human settlements” which was announced a proposal to build thirty thousand housing units for low-income people in Jordan during a workshop held in Investors Association in the Jordanian housing sector in Oman, “Momani” said: “We will not allow the resettlement of refugees and originally they would return sooner or later, and Jordan has been trying to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis, so our brothers Syrian refugees in Jordan could go back to their homeland. “

In addition to that, he added, that to the Jordanian government had refused a request from one of the supporting organizations in the Gulf states to buy apartments and titled to Syrian refugees, and he explained that it’s legal for any foreign ownership but only if he progress individually and in accordance with the process carried out in the Ministry of the Interior and under security services control but not Collectively, because that is unacceptable.

The UN proposal is part of the national response to the challenges of Syrian asylum plan, in a cooperation with the “Habitat” program where they are prepping for the implementation of the Jordanian program of housing facilitator to be one of the solutions to the problem of Jordan’s limited income families that are looking for apartments for rent or to own property, which will be implemented by the private sector and its financing through Islamic banks, commercial banks, local investors, and sources of self-financing by the United Nations statement.

Under the program documentation, it clearly indicates that it is dedicated to ownership of Jordanians only, where targeted building housing for purchase by Jordanian families, who are allowed to live there or rent them for the families of Jordanian or Syrian and other nationalities residing on the territory of the Kingdom.