The impact of Syrian crisis on the academics

The impact of Syrian crisis on the academicsimage

01 Apr 2015

The crisis in Syria continues to have a devastating impact on academics, students, and the education sector. Syria’s professors and academics are the country’s best chance to rebuild the society when the current conflict subsides. Many schools are under attack in Syria. Some of these schools were bombed, damaged and destroyed on a regular basis. Other schools were deserted as children and teachers flee to save their lives. The current classrooms that still stand, students are in a fear that they cannot concentrate on their learning while they might be exposed to injury, kidnap or death. Schools can be considered as the most dangerous places to be that put the lives of children, teachers and other education staff at risk, and preventing children’s access to education. In spite of the constraints, education in Syria does continue.
From a daily dangerous commute through unrest sites that punctuated his lectures, Khalid’s life had been dominated by Syria’s civil war since the conflict began in 2011. Khalid has worked as a lecturer in the University of Mathematics for over three years. Khalid has graduated from university in 2005 with excellent grades. In the second year of his master’s study, Khalid was preparing for his scholarship in France to study a doctorate. Due to the civil unrest, Khalid could no longer follow up his studies and travel to Franc to peruse his doctorate. Today Khalid teaches mathematics at Anamal Secondary School. Anamel Mosaic School Initiative is working towards supporting boys and girls with access to secondary education and activities for the youth.

The school initiative is addressing the complex education challenges and highlights the needs to the targeted education response. Khalid has not stopped teaching despite the death of three of his family, including his brother in one of the airstrikes and despite the severe living conditions that he is experiencing on a daily basis. Syria’s civil conflict has had a tremendous impact on the country’s professors and academia. It is imperative to be mindful of the importance of the higher education during wartime. Academic education produces doctors and professors who can save lives in conflicts and develop workforce and economy for the future.