Khan Dannoun under complete siege

Khan Dannoun under complete siegeimage

17 Apr 2015

The citizens of Khan Dannoun a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus country side have been suffering from rubbing and stilling cases in their area by the forces of Syrian regime. The “working group for the Palestinians in Syria” mentioned that the residents of Khan Dannoun camp have been living in a state of instability and uncertainty of the unknown fate, because of the heavy shelling, which exposed the camp and caused the death of many citizens and a lot of injuries. On the other hand the forces of Syrian regime had increased the security on the camps entrances and that because of the good location of the camp which is the best way for the launch of the heavy mechanisms to the front lines. From the beginning of the complex The “working group for the Palestinians in Syria” had reported the deaths of 28 citizens whom were killed in many ways, 7 of them had been killed in the present under torcher, 3 had been killed because of the daily shelling, 11 were killed with gun shots, 4 were killed in explosions, when one citizen was killed by a sniper and another two were burn to death. The number of victims of torture from the Palestinian refugees rises to 384 victims who were reported when 878 prisoner are still with a bleak destiny.