Kuwait offers five million dollars for educational UNESCO support for young Syrian

Kuwait offers five million dollars for educational UNESCO support for young Syrianimage

15 Jun 2015

Kuwait made an important contribution to UNESCO’s educational activities for the crisis in Syria, where the Director of the UNESCO Office in Geneva, “Abdel-Aziz al-Muzaini” received a check for five million dollars from the adviser of prince of Kuwait, “Dr. Abdullah Maatouq”, with the participation of envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs during the official delivery ceremony at the Palace of United Nations in Geneva.

“Muzaini” said during a speech, in which he expressed estimate of the organization for the State of Kuwait, that UNESCO will allocate this contribution to the educational field for young people who affected by the Syrian crisis based on their programs in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Syrian interior.

He stressed again, that UNESCO focus, and will continue to focus its efforts in the framework of its program entitled “reduce the shortage in education among youth” for young people who were affected by this crisis, because education remains the most important gap in the areas of international humanitarian response to the crisis in Syria, and more than half of all children and young people affected are not attending school.

This financial contribution will help UNESCO to promote activities which related to providing the young people educational opportunities in the level of secondary and higher education, including technical and vocational education, in addition to improving the quality of education, as UNESCO also seeks to contribute to the promotion of education systems to become more flexible in the face of the crisis in Syria in respect of the provision of public services.

Kuwait hosted three major international conferences previously to announce donations for Syria, most recently on 31 March 2015. Also, many programs of the United Nations and its agencies, involved in the humanitarian response to the crisis in Syria, have received financial contributions from the State of Kuwait during the handover ceremony.