Life through Syrian children’s eyes on display

Life through Syrian children’s eyes on displayimage

29 Apr 2015

Their choice not to leave their homes and their toys, they are now in camps Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, the cameras picked up their photos to be the subject of the exhibition “Life in the eyes of the Syrian children”. This exhibition was held at the Public Library in the city of Gaziantep in the south. It lasts three days and reflects the life of children who living in the camps and their dairies, it also display a short film represents excerpts from the four Syrians children living. The exhibition is supported by the International Blue Crescent Foundation, which oversees the education of 4 thousand Syrian child, rehabilitation and psychological support to them. Cemalettin Özdemir, the Deputy Governor of Gaziantep underlined the need to protect children, and added that the more they are removed from war, the better their lives can be. “We can do a good deed if we understand that they must never lose hope. We can then also help them to avoid the trauma of war,” he continued. “Aegean Palja”, University student, one of the contributions in the exhibition, called all the Turks to sense the suffering of Syrians, noting that this exhibition is an attempt to bring this suffering, and she reported that this exhibition will be open in both Istanbul and Ankara.