“Little Hopes” project reveals the talents among injured Syrians

“Little Hopes” project reveals the talents among injured Syriansimage

19 Aug 2015

Al-Bader center for management of therapeutic projects, in collaboration with Al-bustan for Arts and Culture run a technical workshop with children and young people at the headquarters in Amman, Jordan, and includes a workshop, titled (little hopes), in which they host 11 children Syria of both sexes, ages ranging from 11-17 years who suffered injuries of different physical paralysis or amputation and bruises, and psychological trauma caused by air and ground bombardment violence and the clashes in their homeland Syria.

The aim of organizers of this workshop is to use art that taught in academic way, by drawing and handicrafts as one of modern psychotherapy methods, in order to reach the psychological structure of the children, and try to identify their problems better, and give them a safe way in which they can express their feelings and their fears and their hopes for by restoring the psychological and public physical balance. In addition to the presence of supervisors at the workshop of artists there is also the accompaniment of a psychologist to follow up the progress and development of the objectives of psychological workshop with the children, as the workshop aims to develop the talents of children involved painting works and will include a variety of activities to teach skills such as Installation of mosaic industry and manual configuration Accessory clay and other aimed actions, and at the end of the workshop they will provide an art exhibition in which paintings of children and their handicrafts and their products which have experienced during the accompanying period of exposure in the presence of Arab and international personalities, and the proceeds from the show will return to projects specifically applicable to children themselves in order to the development of educational and living their level.

Mohamed Al-Kurdi, Al-Bader center director said, “Our center cares mainly about the wounded Syrians and victims of war, they are much more they need is psychological support, more than anything else entirely, and we are targeting these children by doing Workshop for those who need to unload their creative energies or even discovered after they have been deprived of their most basic rights, playing, they are all amputees, unfortunately. We try in this workshop teach artistic things appointed in the next future.”

“Little Hopes” gave a chance for children to express what goes inside their minds in a completely artistic way, among those children, Wesam Abdul Wahab, from Deraa, he lost his right leg as a result of bombing to the area where he used to live, while buying things from the market.. Wessam expressed in his painting his dream and the dream of every Syrian away from home, he draw himself going back home.