“Live the moment” a play for Syrian Children in Jordan

“Live the moment” a play for Syrian Children in Jordanimage

14 Sep 2015

“Hemmeh” volunteering group has organized on Friday and Saturday, the first show from the play (live the Moment) At King Abdullah the second in Zerkaa, Jordan, in association with (Nicod), Japanese organization, in a large art concert.

Children from Syria and Jordan participated in the play, where they called themselves (The Myth Team).

According to what (Hemmeh) team posted on their page on Facebook, the children went out to the theater «with enthusiasm and determination to prove to everyone that they are brothers in the past, present and future, and to mix between reality and fantasy, between fun and joy, between Action and comedy, struggling falsehood on the tree drawing boards hope to color it with the future, carrying the message to the Syrian people: to live reality as it is and live in the moment without the future ».

The show, which it’s training lasted for two months, was permeated by choir paragraphs by Ismail Biqai and Ahmed Shariqi, in addition to competitions for children.

The estimated number for the audience was about 700 people in the two days; the play will be showed again next Friday and Saturday.