Measles Return To The Syrians And Recording 594 Injured

Measles Return To The Syrians And Recording 594 Injuredimage

16 Apr 2015

Revealed Ahmed Aboud director of primary health care in the Ministry of Health in the government of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the number of measles cases that have been reported, reached 594 injured, Including 5 cases of rubella, Saying in remarks published in the local newspaper “Alwatan” pro-regime in its edition of today, that “Syria during the years 2011 and 2012 were free of this disease but in 2013 was recorded 600 cases, and that without the vaccine provided by the ministry to the number reached 50 alpha in 2014 “. Aboud said that more provinces this disease Hasakah province with 181 cases, And Deir al-Zour 96 cases, while the province of Homs recorded 38 and 33 cases of Damascus, adding that country side of Damascus recorded 93 cases, while people with measles in Idlib did not exceed 5 cases. He also noted that the province of Aleppo recorded 53 cases, and did not record any case in Kenitra, at a time when the province of Daraa recorded 32 cases. He added it was recorded 5 cases in recent months, indicating that the current figures do not reflect the reality of the case, expected to be twice the number reported. And the director of health care in the Ministry of Health that “the virus is present in Syria, did not enter via other countries”, therefore, the ministry is leading a campaign of measles vaccination in the nineteenth of this month and will continue until the thirtieth of it. Noting that “measles may cause inflammation of the child pneumonia or inflammation of the middle ear or chronic diarrhea,” adding that malnutrition in some provinces was a major cause of this disease return to Syria.