Montreal artists raise awareness for refugees

Montreal artists raise awareness for refugeesimage

26 Oct 2015

As the conflict rages on in Syria, a group of Montrealers is calling on prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau to live up to his campaign promises to accept 25,000 refugees into the country.

Artists gathered at Place-des-Arts to use dance, music and calligraphy to raise awareness about the challenges that refugees face on a daily basis.

Organized by Amnesty International, the event showcased art that documents refugees’ journeys.

Members of the group explained when refugees arrive in Canada many of them deal with stigma and prejudice. The group’s art is meant to correct stereotypes.

“I’m a biochemist. I work at McGill University. I help you Canadians discover things about cancer,” said Elite Possik, a Lebanese Montrealer.

“I think there are many people with talent in our countries who could come here.”

Artists at the event also hoped to encourage Trudeau to uphold his promise of offering more support for refugees.

“Twenty-five thousand is not a lot for Canada, but it still would make a big difference for Syrian people,” said Jacques Sayegh from La Maison de la Syrie.