Lebanon more than 176 Syrian families being threatened to leave home

Lebanon more than 176 Syrian families being threatened to leave homeimage

26 Jun 2015

Syrian citizens from one of refugee’s complexes in Lebanon, said that the United Nations is no longer able to pay rent complex, and therefore they are threatened with eviction after a month.

The Syrian refugees in Ouzai complex in Sidon, Lebanon that the decision of evacuation came after meeting with the owner of the complex, where he explained that he was obliged to vacate the compound if the United Nations did not pay the financial dues.

Said Abu Ahmed, a resident in the compound of refugees in his speech for the ARA News that «in case of implementation of the resolution, there is no place people can go, especially the home’s rents are too high in while they are barely able to providing food and drink».

One of the compound administrators said to ARA News «this decision cannot be accepted because compound’s family have no alternative at all, and the United Nations does not respond to their requests to extend the duration of the refugees stay in the compound, and the demand from donors is to help 176 families in order to prevent transmission to the street».

It is noteworthy that most of the residents in the compound from Sahl-Alghab where their areas in Syria wetness conflict has intensified recently, and some families from other regions of Syria suffer severe severity conditions.