More than a million and a half Syrian children in the labor market instead of schools

More than a million and a half Syrian children in the labor market instead of schoolsimage

23 Apr 2015

World Organization for Human childhood revealed, that the number of Syrian children who have left school and started work to provide money for parents,is higher than a million and a half child. The organization’s vice-president “Taghreed Al-hajary” that many of the children held guns and participated in the fightings in the war in their country, for more than four years, warning that their numbers are increasing. Al-hajary also pointed to the seriousness of what is practiced by organizations, which she described as terrorists, trying to erase the cultural identity of Syrian child , re-programming their brains and and keeping them away from school. Noting that a large proportion of children in Syria live in streets without clothes, and most of them did not get their right in education, health, accomodation and food. She added that the Syrian child is the most affected among children in the Arab Spring countries, as well as women in that country. In a related context, “Samir Badran” media department director and communications at UNICEF said earlier that “there are nearly 30 thousand Syrian child in the labor market, in Jordan, “, according to the Jordanian Ministry of Labor figures,he also pointed out that these children are part of the 45 thousand, out of scholls, Syrian child. The United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” announced that the Syrian crisis represents the greatest threat to children in the world, pointing out that with the end of this year, the lives of more than 8.6 million child would have been destroyed by the war in Syria.