More than a thousand Syrian had fled to Turkey, to escape the clashes in Ras Al Ain

More than a thousand Syrian had fled to Turkey, to escape the clashes in Ras Al Ainimage

04 Jun 2015


The number of Syrians who had entered Turkish territory, since yesterday, Wednesday, had reached nearly 1,000 people, who escaped the raging clashes, in the “Ras al-Ain”, a subsidiary of the Syrian town AL-Hasaka city.


Anatolia correspondent said that according to obtained information, that the Turkish authorities allowed the refugees who had fled the clashes, enter Turkish territory after only one-day waiting on the Syrian side of the border.


Turkey had assured cars to transfer the refugees to the refugee registration center of disaster and emergency management, in Oakjh Castle crossing and section of the refugees had headed to their relatives in Turkey, when the rest to the refugee were transferred to the camps.


The organization “Human Rights Watch”, had announced in a statement on Wednesday, which is related to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, that the Syrian regime had used weapons that contains “toxic chemicals” against civilians in the city of Idlib, over the past two months, and the organization pointed to the inability of the UN Security Council about what is happening in Syria.



For his part, “Philip Poulobion” The Director of the United Nations Department of the organization said: “we didn’t find an opportunity to examine the chemicals that were used in the attacks that occurred during the past two months, but the rescue teams and doctors have written reports about these attacks which had confirmed the use of chlorine gas.”


“Poulobion” appealed to the UN Security Council, to find immediate mechanism in order to determine the Syrian regime’s responsibility regarding the use of chemical weapons which are banned internationalist, pointing out that the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons data collection mission, said in a report in last September, that chlorine gas had been used for several times and with a systematic manner” inside Syria.


In addition to that he accused the Members of the UN Security Council, for not taking the necessary steps in this regard, in a timely manner, pointing out that the laws of war prohibit the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and stressed that “the use of internationally banded weapons deliberately, is a war crime.”



It should be noted that the UN Security Council issued in last March a Resolution No. 2209 in which it considered that the chlorine gas is a toxic, and a chemical weapon, and it’s use from the military considered as a gross violation of international law, and punishable offense.